About Juump

Juump makes it easy to find and organize games near you.

How do we make it easy? When you want to play, all you have to do is post a request to play or respond to someone else. Once your game is confirmed, it's time to hit the courts. It's that simple.

Our vision: to connect tennis players online, so they can play offline.

We are a dedicated team of tennis lovers, technical wizards and business specialists.

Scott Dunlop - Co-founder

Juump is Scott "the Colonel" Dunlop's brainchild. After every completed play request we ring a bell and shout his name in glee! At the pinnacle of his game, Scott was a fearless 6.0 competitor, winning match after match with his favorite wooden racket. Even after the shift to graphite, he can still hold his own against some mean competition. His doubles crew often suffers from bi-weekly injuries. But Scott doesn't fret. No. Instead, he posts a doubles play request on Juump for substitute players (shameless plug). :D

We're based out of beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia and we love feedback!